How Dungeons and Dragons showed me how to be okay with aging.

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I’m not a young woman anymore. There. I said it. I’m starting to get wrinkles around my eyes, I get the odd gray hair every now and then, and my boobs just aren’t the same anymore. And I have a stiff black hair growing out of my chin that returns no matter how diligent I am about plucking it. The fact is, I’m not an old woman but I’m getting there. Quickly.

And all around me, ads and influencers and media tell me that I should be doing…

They’re devoted, they’re fearless, and they’re everywhere

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What do you think of when you hear the word ‘nun’? Black habits? Severe expressions? The ruler ready to rap the knuckles of any troublemaker?

I mean, you wouldn’t be wrong, but would you believe me if I said they also fight crime? Human trafficking for example?

Here in the US, there is an organization of nuns who do that very thing. The U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking is made up of a hundred different congregations. They all help survivors get access to education, learn job skills, and lead rich new lives. They set up houses all across the…

Here goes nothing.

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Medium is pretty cool. I can earn money by writing articles about how hard it is to get birth control. Or about my worst job ever. Or even about fascinating people or events in history.

But it’s not what I really want to do.

Making a living from writing fiction is my ultimate dream. But even now, after having written an entire fantasy trilogy, it’s not paying the bills. If writing nonfiction articles and stories helps me keep the lights on, I’ll do it. Don’t get me wrong. Writing on Medium is actually pretty amazing, and I’m…

Wealthy socialite Noemi is used to dancing and attending elegant parties every night. But one day, she gets a panicked letter from her newly-wed cousin who begs her to come save her from some horrible but undefined fate. The letter seems to be written by a madwoman. Noemi’s father sends her to go investigate what’s really happening at her cousin’s new home with the wealthy English family, the Doyles. Noemi has to travel deep into the misty mountainous forest and journey to High Place, a grand yet moldering mansion. …

It’s all authentic in Bird in a Snare (The Lord Hani Mysteries #1)

Bird in a Snare Book Cover
Bird in a Snare Book Cover

This historical mystery focuses on Lord Hani, an Egyptian diplomat. He is sent by the new pharaoh Akhenaten to investigate the murder of a bandit leader who was politically useful to the kingdom. Using his logic and intuition, Hani seeks the truth and discovers that the case is going to be even more convoluted and dangerous than he thought. He’ll have to thread his way carefully through court intrigue before he finds the answer. …

There’s more to metal than just corpse paint and pentagrams.

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I’ve been a metalhead my whole life. I cut my teeth on Metallica (as you do), and it’s only gotten heavier as time passed. Pantera, then Slayer, until I was hooked on death metal bands like Cattle Mutilation and Decapitated. Black metal was still nice and heavy but added some symphonic occult with Dimmu Borgir, Rotting Christ, and Septic Flesh.

As I journeyed through Spotify’s offerings, I found myself growing bored. Every band I looked at seemed to have the same premise. They either worshipped the Devil or they were

All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries #1)

In the spacefaring future, the omnipresent entity known as the Company funds exploratory missions to other planets. But like all businesses, they try to cut costs at every opportunity. And safety for employees isn’t a primary concern.

So when a team of scientists are testing the surface of another world, a Company-owned security android accompanies them. Funny thing is, it hacked its own governor module so it’s not beholden to the Company’s orders. Self-aware and equipped to handle danger, all it wants to do is watch what seems like a soap opera called…

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I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop while I write this story. It’s been well over a year since I’ve visited it. I was diligent about social distancing, stopping the spread, and all that. But now that the vaccines are being widely distributed, I feel more confident in leaving the house for a bit.

Just a bit. I can only take the outside world for so long before I get overwhelmed and I need to find a quiet, still place. It reminds me of five years ago, when I first started dealing with my anxiety.

2017 was a rough year…

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